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everywhere the gray-green

Everywhere the gray-green came up to

Meet the dying winter sky

And the trees amongst them

Were heavy with longing for

The Spring that wouldn’t come.

I pass and see the steady fence destroyed

Restored and dead along the tracks.

It stays with me in part,

through the impression of a hay field

and a dip in the ravine.

The hills

Beneath the fence posts,

The grass in shades of green

Belong with me, as I with them become

One, by one, by one.

I pass and see the steady fence in ruins

Revived and blended back to Her.

She comes to me in sleep now and I sense

The densest fog, wrap itself around the gray hills

That are her eyes and they speak to me,

“You make the world with beauty seem”

And to me of her it was.

These do escape my memory

Of things I am and not, I was.

“Excuse me sir, but do you know

Where this train is going?”

But what of hark? Alas astronomy!

Which stars are yours as well

As are in her eyes?

For they speak to me in dream

And I often think of their possibilities

One by one by one.

My thoughts are with the stars, this fence

And the hope of love in her eyes,

Circling through me as I pass these

Green hills and these fence posts

one by one.

“This train doesn’t stop”

he winked three times at me.

I felt the morning slip away and

again I slept and dreamt of her.

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