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A time-travel adventure novel about the world’s greatest scientist, who wakes from a coma to a world his inventions created—except he has no idea who he is, why he's completely crippled, or what the hell he's doing in the future. 

Monopole is the story of the man who invents the future—and then wakes up there.


After working on the Manhattan Project, Teddy Monroe, who is like the Elon Musk of 1950s post-war America, goes on to create the most revolutionary technology in history: monopole magnets, the only material in the known universe that levitates. But then, during one of his famed technology demonstrations, Teddy blacks out and suddenly wakes up from a coma 100 years in the future, in a world filled with monopoles, which are now used for everything from floating furniture and friction-free mass transit to stable nuclear energy. But since he’s now somehow completely crippled and has severe amnesia, he doesn’t realize who he is and no one would believe him if he did—because, of course, everyone thinks Teddy Monroe died many years ago.


In this technologically advanced but still somewhat dystopian future, Teddy soon starts to regain his capacities and then he remembers the woman he loves and everything else he left in the past. But in order to get back there, he must first embrace the future and uncover the conspiracy that sent him there.

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