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Hard Currency

Photo by Josh Isaacs

Not all pebbles are in focus,

not all dreams are still there when you wake,

not all memories retain their luminosity,

because life would be too easy

if everything were perfect that way.

The river that once ran here

now is just a creek;

the water flowed to other places

or else it just evaporated;

everything eventually

soaks into the earth.

The ground is only worth

the dirt in which it’s vested;

everything else is rocks

or whatever cells begot—

the trees and people

and all their thoughts.

Life is a river drying up;

nothing flows forever,

but the pebbles beneath which the water ran

will lie upon the earth as long as it exists—

but because of space and time,

nothing is for certain

and so rocks remain

a sound investment;

these pebbles are just penny stocks.

(Photo: Josh Isaacs,

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