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Pontificatorily (stage 1)

"Pontificatorily (stage 1)"

how do you say

to say?

how doesn’t one forget

to rhyme?

i’m not wearing any clothes today,

am i?

it wouldn’t matter if you were.

so goes another month of tuesdays gone

so goes another sigh exhaled—

how do you blink your eyes

your eyes?

how do you close your mouth

to chew?

if i had a right to speak my thoughts

i’d be a richer man

than you.

so what if fingers grinded to the bone?

so what if all good separatists die?

i don’t see you exasperating any old conventions—

the pious man once told the queen,

“this is God’s land; you can’t defecate here”

so the queen walked pensively many miles

to find the nearest toilet

how do you care less through the day


how have you not taken better care to keep yourself

from growing old?

i don’t know what i’m even doing here

i’m just doing what i’ve been told.

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