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chloe floats!

From the novel Monopole [formerly Theodorus in Excelsis]

“Another remarkable characteristic of the material,” the ALLpod says, “is that its mono-magnetic force is strong enough to sustain gravities much greater than its own and still retain levitation. Theodore Irving Monroe famously held an event on the runway of a large international airport, to which he rode in on a circus elephant named Chloe and walked her onto a sample of the mono-magnetic material large enough to hold an elephant.”

The ALLpod shows the corresponding video footage. A short ramp leads Chloe up to the giant metal disk, which doesn’t budge under her enormous gravity. The ramp is removed, Teddy disembarks, and then gives the crowd a big ta-da from where he stands on the edge of the floating, mono-magnetic platform. He wears a less-ragged pair of jeans and an untucked polo shirt, his hair full and wild, as he jumps to the tarmac.

“But that’s not all,” Teddy says to the crowd of media onlookers amassed on the tarmac. He puts his foot up on the edge of the floating platform holding the elephant, and pushes it with a slow, somewhat labored kick. The mono-magnetic platform glides down the runway, and Chloe with it. She shrinks as she approaches the horizon.

The crowd, both awed and aghast, holds its breath a moment—and then erupts in cheers and applause. This is a remarkable discovery indeed.

“Chloe Floats!” the weblines read just moments later.

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