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dr. yann

From the novel Monopole

Before Teddy has a chance to react, a metal door slides closed high up in the distance, sounding like it is connected to the network of walkways levitating above.

“Oh good, you’re here,” a familiar voice calls faintly. “We’ve been expecting you.” The sound of a man’s dress shoes on the monomagnetic walkway above grows louder with each step. “We’re so glad you’ve made it this far.” A small figure dressed in dark, shiny clothes, a suit perhaps, traverses the distant walkway above. “Everyone will be so glad when they find out you’re here,” the man says. “I see you’ve already met Dr. Yann.”

Teddy turns to look at the man in the lab coat, who has finally reached a close enough proximity for Teddy to make out the specifics of his face and form. He is a slender man with a narrow face. His thin-rimmed eyeglasses seem to both float magically above his face and keep his slightly crooked nose fastened to his sharp brow. His eyes behind the glasses cast anxious, uncomfortable aspersions, as though the man in the lab coat—apparently named Dr. Yann—could at any moment either burst into a flurry of curious inquisition or claw out Teddy’s eyes with his bare hands. Instead, he simply looks back blankly at Teddy, catching his breath from the long journey across the laboratory floor.

“Hello,” Dr. Yann says with a calm intensity, extending his hand toward Teddy, who looks down at the gesture, confused, and then looks back up at Dr. Yann.

“I don’t understand,” Teddy replies, not so much refusing to shake his hand as wary of its very existence.

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