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how colorless it seems to be forgotten

whereas milk laments all rational

in daydream breakfast cereal

profanity becomes mundane

singers scratch chalkboards

to experience the unbearable

everyone is too worried radical ideas

cast out the world

so pawning off insanity seems

the most logical source of income

and prosperity the hope

of so many endless dreamers

but still this gravity feels no exhaustion

because the souls of all the shoes in the world

couldn’t surmount its reliability

and a world without


doesn’t really exist

unless of course you’re willing

to keep feeling around in the dark

for something that feels close enough

to reality for you to stop giving a shit

whether or not it actually is

thanks for keeping the window closed

it lets all the cold air in

this poem writ a pair of days

because it meant little yesterday

and means considerably less so today

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