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the lonely boy slowly slipped away

the lonely boy slowly slipped away against all things refined,

awakening then one morning to find the sound of his own breath

echoing off the mountains his self-squalor has adorned.

such walls the lonely boy had created by sheer hard-headedness

and earnestness of will. obliging that which he has for so long

forgotten to know, the lonely boy grew into a lonelier young man;

though, in spite of himself, he scaled hitherto indivisible bounds.

always are the seasons going;

alone in one’s kingdom

one forever remains.

though it feels many lifetimes have fallen away, the lonely

boy, now man, defies such resignations; instead to dance

amongst the chivalry of his morality's shortcomings, but

the echoes beckon to oneself

to stay, so

one becomes what one would have


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