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From "the altruistic ending"

Here I sit, swallowing the effervescent flow of the open night

I watch too many movies and my constant wallowing does nothing for me any longer

Europe goes and goes before me eyes

van Gogh stares at me

Versailles passes by

the Venus de Milo has no hands with which

to get me off and the brutal sun has set with endless arms

my dreams feel like colorless hallucinations

and a cleaver cuts through and through the back of my thoughtless skull

I am an abstract painting walking past these sorry walls

light cuts through the trees

I am an abstract painter cast before a simple room

the Mona Lisa doesn’t smile and I can’t get a picture of her so I rub my hands by German fires

beneath a blank horizon

in a blur a man rolls down a scattered road

down which a naked woman sits under far too high-reaching trees

she barely touches her impression face and again the screen goes blank

I watch too many movies

I almost forget why I came into my room

I remember again and take a pillow back to where I lay

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