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Welcome to Plight of the Poet

Welcome to Plight of the Poet, the website devoted to my yet-unpublished novel Theodorus in Excelsis [now called Monopole]. Today, the 28th anniversary of my birth, seemed an appropriate day on which to launch this website and introduce my novel to the world. Please peruse these pages, which I designed myself, as they will surely whet your appetite for the novel itself—to appear in print and digital formats as soon as I find a publisher savvy enough to realize its kinetic (dare I say electromagnetic) potential. Please also be sure to “like” Plight of the Poet on Facebook and follow me on Twitter by clicking the icons at the bottom of this page. You can also follow my daily thoughts by keeping up with this blog, so you too can learn of the poet’s plight and of the inter-dimensional gallivanting its persistence inspires.

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